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It’s just been a few days since I had a filling done, and it feels sensitive. What should I do?

Some tooth sensitivity is to be expected after a tooth has been treated and react to pressure, temperature, air, and even sweet foods. The sensitivity typically fades away on its own, so the most sensible thing to do is to avoid for the first few days the things that cause sensitivity.

If several days go by and you’re still dealing with tooth sensitivity, the problem may be that your filling or restoration is too high and is causing you to bite harder than you usually would. Please call our office right away because it is typically an easy problem to resolve.

It’s also common to experience sensitivity after filling a tooth that has a deep cavity since it is close to the nerve. If you don’t think you have a problem with your bite and you’re feeling okay otherwise, the tooth may just need a little more time to heal.

A sign that things are progressing normally is if the sensitivity begins to fade after the first few days. If you experience sensitivity that lasts longer than two weeks, please call Elgin Family Dental so we can check it for you. 

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